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Why RubyMine?

Why do I use RubyMine?

Favorite RubyMine Tips

Screencast and list of my favorite RubyMine tips.

Remote Pair Programming Tips using RubyMine and Screenhero

RubyMine works great for Remote Pairing!

Short Tips

Using RubyMine/IntelliJ Regexp Search/Replace

RubyMine’s interactive search/replace is awesome. The Regexp feature is especially useful. Not only will it help you edit faster, but it will improve your ability to write RegExp’s in your code. When do you need to use a regexp? Whenever a standard find/replace won’t cut it.

Configure RubyMine with the better_errors Gem

  1. Create command line launcher in RubyMine, with menu Tools -> Create Command Line Launcher
  2. Add gem and run bundle
    group :development do
      gem 'better_errors'
  3. Place this in development.rb
    BetterErrors.editor='x-mine://open?file=%{file}&line=%{line}' if defined? BetterErrors
  4. Enjoy following features:
    1. Interactive shell in better_errors browser page.
    2. Click on file link and see file in RubyMine